The Music

At long last we have succeeded in not only recording but producing the CDs for the best songs in the original Westria series. The Wandersong and Jewel Songs are available for $15.00 each.

Wandersong CD Cover Jewel Songs CD Cover
The Wandersong Jewel Songs

You will have noticed that there are a lot of songs in the books. As many of you also know, it is easier to write a song if you also have a tune for it. I’ve been writing Westrian music since I started writing about Westria in 1971. The first song I wrote was “Far Away” which originally was sung by Silverhair when he turned up unexpectedly and cast a real damper on Isabella’s wedding at the very beginning of the original “ur-Westria” book (which you will never see, as I made every possible first-novelist’s mistake in it, but which supplied a great deal of useful raw material). After I got my first harp, Peregrine, in 1978 (a wire-strung “Hobbit” style harp by Jay Witcher, made from California Black Walnut wood, with 17 strings), I began composing songs that could be played on it (although I will never play as well as Silverhair).

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