The Jewel of Fire

The Jewel of Fire

Now that Julian has mastered three of the Jewels of Power it is obvious that his next task must be to find the Jewel of Fire–obvious to everyone, including Caolin. But with Caolin’s shock troops, the Blood Wolves, terrorizing the countryside, it is hard to see when he is going to find the time. When he does, Caolin captures him, and he learns hate in the dungeons of Blood Gard, while Coyote teaches Rana how to love. The conflict will eventually involve two mighty armies, but to finally defeat the sorcerer, he must not only understand himself and his enemy, but transcend them both.

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US cover of The Jewel of Fire

Adventure, Romance, Magic

Prince Julian, claimant and true heir to the throne of Westria, must recover and master the four jewels of Power lost in the cataclysmic magical battle that killed his father. Now three of the four are Julian’s. What will be the cost to the kingdom, what price will Julian have to pay to attain the fourth–from the mouth of a volcano!


From the bestselling author of THE WHITE RAVEN


Cover commentary by Diana and Lorrie:

Another beautiful Tom Canty cover. As before, Julian looks a little epicene, but sufficiently grim to go with the story. –DLP

…now that I’ve looked up what “epicene”, means, yeah, he does. No surprise there, though: the overwhelming body of the artist’s work depicts women. –Lorrie

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UK Cover for The Jewel of Fire

Book Six of the Chronicles of Westria

There were four Jewels of Power–one for each of the sovreign elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Whosoever controlled the jewels, controlled the destiny of Westria. Long ago they had been lost in the chaos of the war of magic and the land had drifted, leaderless, into decline.

Now Prince Julian, rightful heir to the throne of Westria, had recovered three of the four. Only the last, the Jewel of Fire, buried in the burning heart of a volcano, eluded him.

Yet, before he could restore the Kingdom to Peace, Julian would have to overcome his terrible enemy, Caolin, Blood Lord and Sorceror, the architect of destruction…


The Jewel of Fire: the magnificent conclusion to the spellbinding Chronicles of Westria.

Cover Commentary by Diana:

The British cover appears to portray the Lady of Fire, or perhaps Rana, although her attire is a bit scanty for Westrian style. But it is pretty, and avoids the surrealistic quality of so much British cover art.