The Earthstone

The Earthstone

Third in the Chronicles of Westria, The first chapter of The Earthstone overlaps the last chapter of Silverhair the Wanderer, introducing us to Julian, once of Stanesvale, now given the boon and burden of his true heritage by the Master of the Junipers. For, while he knew already he was no stonecutter’s son, it is only now that he learns his true identity: son of Jehan and Faris, King and Queen of Westria and heir to the Jewels!

There’s only one problem. The Four Jewels of Westria have been scattered to the Elements that bore them, and not even the Master of the Junipers knows where they are. By finding and mastering them Julian will claim his heritage, restore his birthright, and gain a desperately needed defense against the enemies of the land that has claimed him.

For the sorcerer Caolin, the Blood Lord, once Seneschal of Westria, has returned. On the summit of the Red Mountain in Westria’s very heart, he has built his fortress, and he seeks to bring all of Westria under his heel. His powers are mighty, his wrath terrible, and when he learns that the heir to the throne lives, he will stop at nothing to put an end to Julian’s life.

Yet, even as Caolin plots, schemes, and works his sorcerous will in Blood Gard, at the very roots of the same mountain lies a power that awaits only the right hand to awaken it, and the owner of that hand is about to come into his own…

Nor does Caolin know that the very land is repulsed by his violation of the sacred Covenant of Westria, and will lend all aid it can to his young enemy.

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US cover of The Earthstone

Quest of the Uncrowned King

Caolin, the royal traitor who once nearly destroyed Westria, has risen again on the Red Mountain. Infinitely more powerful than before, now he is the Wolfmaster, the Lord who wields the fear at the heart of the Universe. And the weapons to stop him–the Jewels of Power–are lost to the world, while Westria, leaderless for a generation, drifts toward doom.

Westria has one hope. Julian–the lost son of King Jehan and Queen Faris–is alive.

But Julian is untrained, untested, unblooded, and unknown, his claim to the Crown disputed. To prove his birthright, Julian, Silverhair the Wanderer, and the Regent’s children, Frederic and Rana, must journey to gain the support of Westria’s unearthly guardians–the Lord of the Trees, the Lady of Earth, the Guardian of Men, the Gnome-King…and Julian must find, then wield, the awesome first Jewel of Power, the Earthstone–

Before the Blood Lord’s sorcery and assassins locate and destroy them all.


Diana Paxson’s novels of WESTRIA have won her an enthusiastic following among fantasy readers. Look for The Sea Star, coming son from Tor, and Silverhair the Wanderer (“A beautiful book”–Kliatt), now out from Tor.

Cover commentary by Diana and Lorrie:

This is my favorite of the American covers for the Westria books, the only one in which the picture actually looks like the person being portrayed. The lady looks a bit ghostly. Perhaps she is the Lady of Westria in winter guise?

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UK Cover for The Earthstone Once more the Royal traitor has risen up to threaten Westria. Now he is infinitely more powerful for he has become the Wolfmaster, the wielder of fear.

The weapons that could stop him–the Jewels of Westria–are lost to the world as Westria, leaderless, drifts towards doom. There is yet one hope. Julian, lost son of King Jehan and Queen Faris, lives. But he is untested, unblooded, his birthright yet to be proved.

He must journey, with Silverhair the Wanderer, and the Regent’s children, to seek the support of the unearthly Guardians of Westria.

Then, braving sorcery and assassination, he must search out and use the first Jewel of Power: the Earthstone.

The Sea Star –Book Four of the Chronicles of Westria is coming.

Cover Commentary by Lorrie and Diana:

The British cover, on the other hand… Apparently when Julian hit London he bleached his hair and Lady Madrone got a mini-skirt. And we are still wondering about the function of the pastie on his left breast.