The Golden Hills of Westria

The Golden Hills of Westria

After over a decade, the seventh Westria novel was published in February, 2006. As the series had been on such a long hiatus, Golden Hills was intended from the beginning to welcome both old friends and new to Westria. To entice you, we’ve even released a couple sample chapters–go take a look!

The Golden Hills of Westria begins a new sequence in the Chronicles of Westria, although like all histories, it has its roots in the past. Among other things, it addresses the question of what becomes of a hero who has become the greatest mage-king of his age once he has vanquished his enemy. And what effect do legends have on the children of those who made them? Caolin was a dangerous foe, but in Golden Hills, the land will face an enemy who threatens not only the king, but the entire Westrian way of life.

Did we mention this is the first Westria novel to be printed in hardcover? We’re rather proud of that…

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Cover of US hardcover of The Golden Hills of Westria Bestselling author Diana L. Paxson returns to Westria, her classic fantasy realm, with a new story and a new generation of Westrians. Paxson spent more than a decade as a collaborator on Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon novels, and is most recently the author of the New York Times bestseller Ancestors of Avalon. Now she reaches back to the land of Westria, a California of the future transformed into a magical place, where several of her early novels are set. The result is a magnificent fantasy.

The Golden Hills of Westria

Prince Johan was always a bit restless, never quite measuring up to the expectations of his heroic father, King Julian, who is magically attuned to the four powerful Jewels of Westria. Luz, Johan’s childhood friend, believes in him, but she has her own duties as a student of the College of the Wise. Their relationship surpasses friendship, but their responsibilities take precedence over their feelings. Soon after his Initiation Retreat, Johan is abducted on a raid and sold to slavers. Enduring pain and humiliation, Johan must find a way to survive and preserve his mind, even if that means losing his sense of self and becoming a danger to the people that he loves.

While King Julian searches for his lost son, a growing army of fanatics far to the south, led by the charismatic Mother Mahaliel, is conquering land after land, and its final destination is the golden land of Westria on the coast. The only one who can stop her is Johan, and he has lost his memory and travels with the Mother’s armies. Luz can sense Johan’s plight, and her attempt to rescue him may decide the fate of the kingdom, and certainly their own.

This is a novel in the classic fantasy tradition.