The Golden Hills of Westria

At the end of The Jewel of Fire, the sorcerer Caolin is dead and his forces disbanded. King Julian has married Rana, and is beginning to heal. Everything seems set for the two to enjoy a long and happy reign. And so it comes to pass. For twenty-five years, Westria enjoys a golden age of peace and prosperity, ruled by the Shaman-King.

The Master of the Junipers serves as Master of the College of the Wise until one day he resigns and disappears. Frederic of Havn makes the journey to Awahna and returns as an adept, but changes the grey robe for the red when he becomes Julian’s seneschal. He and Ardra have three children: Sunny, who takes the name of Lenart at his initiation and becomes a deputy seneschal, Garnet, who takes the name of Bera and becomes a beast-mistress at the College of the Wise, and Sombra. Queen Rana manages to bear only one living child, a son called Phoenix. Sombra and Phoenix grow up together. Her ambition is to become an adept, but his is simply to survive the pressure of growing up as a great man’s son.

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