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A Note on Publication History

Or: How Many Books Are There, Anyway?

The first two books in the Chronicles of Westria are named Lady of Light and Lady of Darkness. These were originally published by Timescape as two separate books in the US. When Westria came to the UK, these were published by New English Library as an omnibus entitled Lady of Light, Lady of Darkness, although the rather… striking… portrait of Faris (at least, we hope that’s Faris) on the cover has led some to call it Lady of the Evening. When the Westria series changed US publishers to Tor, it was decided to republish Lady of Light and Lady of Darkness in one volume as had been done in the UK. Having the same title as the UK edition would make entirely too much sense and possibly cause confusion with the earlier edition, so the second US edition was retitled Mistress of the Jewels.

They’re all the same book, no matter how many covers it’s in, and tell the first and second halves of the same story. It is the Management’s fervent hope that the above note will save you some unpleasant surprises at the used bookstore!

This website will refer to them as one volume, and will number the rest of the series accordingly. Should the series come back into print, doubtless this disclaimer will be updated.

— The Webmistresses