The Wind Crystal

The Wind Crystal

Fifth in the Chronicles of Westria, The Wind Crystal

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US cover of The Wind Crystal


From the bestselling author of The White Raven

In the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover and AndrĂ© Norton’s Witch World, Diana L. Paxson has created the marvelous world of Westria, a land of fantastic adventure and romance, a world that has captured the imagination of readers everywhere.

The King is Dead, the Land ruled by a Regent. Prince Julian, the lost son of King Jehan, has returned to claim the crown. But he must first prove his right by finding and mastering the four jewels of power lost in the magic war that killed Jehan. Julian has gained two of them, The Earthstone (Tor, 1987), and The Sea Star (Tor, 1988). Now he must survive the quest for…


Cover commentary by Diana and Lorrie:

Between the publication of The Sea Star and The Wind Crystal, I had written The White Raven a Celtic historical fantasy with a cover by Tom Canty (biography,more examples of his work) which was highly praised. Tor decided that “Tom Canty covers sell Diana’s books”, and commissioned him to do the next Westria book. I sent Tom some photos and descriptions, so this cover has an unusual amount of content that relates to the book. Julian has apparently lost a lot of muscle and bone between books, but the cover is certainly elegant.

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UK Cover for The Wind Crystal

Book Five of the Chronicles of Westria

Prince Julian, lost son of King Jehan, had returned.

But before he could reclaim the throne, he had to prove his right by finding and mastering the four jewels of power, lost in the magical war that had killed his father.

Two he had found: the Earthstone and the Sea Star. Now the quest must begin for the Wind Crystal. For in the saga of treachery and wonder working that is the Chronicle of Westria, there can be no half way stage between success and failure. And in failure lies the end of all good and all hope.

Watch out for the final volume in the Chronicles of Westria: The Jewel of Fire.

Cover Commentary by Diana:

The British artist seems to have read the book as well, and chose to illustrate the Wind Riders. I’m not sure if the device portrayed would actually fly, but the dominant color is in fact Kabbalistically correct for the book.