Post-War Westria: What Happens Next?

When I originally plotted Golden Hills of Westria, I had intended to write a book approximately twice as long. However the 150,000 word limit required me to stop when the first part of the story had been told.

Anyone who reads history knows that winning the peace can be harder than winning the war. At the end of the book, the Sun army has been defeated, and Jo and Luz are engaged. But there are still a few questions. What can they do about the Sun garrisons that are still in Westria, Elaya, and Aztlan? Where is the Iron General? Will Jo and Luz ever make it to bed?

Not only do I have a vocal group of fans asking me what happens next, the characters themselves demanded to be heard.  So, for all of you who have been asking, here is the Prologue and Chapter One of the next book, titled The Turquoise Scepter.  Current plans are to make it available in trade paperback from in October, and in e-book formats from Amazon.

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The Music of Westria!

We have succeeded in not only recording but producing the CDs for the best songs in the original Westria series. The Wandersong and Jewel Songs are available for $15.00 each. See our music page for more information.

The Golden Hills of Westria, Available as E-Book!

While it’s been some time since Golden Hills was in print, it’s still available as an e-book through the usual large commercial channels. I also have copies of the hard-cover version, available for $30.00 (shipping included). To order, contact me at

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